4th Forum against Unnecessary Imposed Mega Projects 8th and 11th of May 2014 in Rosia Montana

4th Forum against Unnecessary Imposed Mega Projects 8th and 11th of May 2014 in Rosia Montana


The 4th Forum against Unnecessary Imposed Mega Projects (Stop UIMP) will take place in the village of Roșia Montană, Romania, between 8th and 11th of May 2014.
In this year’s edition of the forum we will strengthen the relations between different struggles in Europe and beyond, with focus on campaigns from Eastern Europe.
The economic crisis in Europe brought, for many people, a more critical attitude towards capitalism, towards the greed of corporations and the politicians’ power thirst. But at the beginning of the crisis, most of the Eastern Europeans were silent. After 45 years of totalitarian communism, capitalism seemed like a good idea. Then the “democracy dream” turned into a nightmare.
Unnecessary Imposed Mega Projects built by totalitarian regimes were replaced by Unnecessary Imposed Mega Projects built in the “free world” by multi-national corporations. Little by little, civil movements emerged, solidarity networks appeared and environmental and social campaigns started to grow in most of the east European countries. In the middle of generalized corruption and consumerism offensive, these campaigns made people learn how the real democracy looks like, why the right to protest is fundamental and that every corporation and every mega project should be stopped.
This year we meet in Roșia Montană, the birthplace of the biggest environmental and social campaign in Romania (“Salvaţi Roșia Montană”), which is fighting against the biggest gold mining project proposal in Europe. We want to support each other, we want to learn more about one another and we want to find solutions together. We need to coordinate better, we need to improve our resistance and we need to act together.
We are inviting you to join us in Roșia Montană, to participate in the Forum and to bring your own contribution to the struggle for protecting the people, the land and the nature against Unnecessary Imposed Mega Projects in Europe and elsewhere!
Roșia Montană is a commune with about 2500 inhabitants, of Alba County in the Apuseni Mountains of western Transylvania, Romania. It is situated 90 km circa from Alba-Iulia and 140 km from Cluj-Napoca and is easy to reach with public transportation.
A list with means of transportation to and from Roșia Montană will be available in short time on the website www.rosiamontana.org/fauimp4. However, if needed, we will provide help with planning the route.
Although we are not able to pay travel costs, money should not be an impediment for someone to participate. If you are in this situation or know people that really would like to participate and cannot afford travel costs, please write us and we try to do our best and find a solution.

Participants can stay in tents, in a free camping, near the kitchen and workshop tents. Therefore, please bring your own tent, mattress and sleeping bag.
For a fee of € 9 per night or even cheaper, we can provide you accommodation at the locals. The fee represents a support for the locals that offer their houses for participants.
Please think that the weather in may can be sometimes cool in the mountains, please bring warm clothes and rain booth with you.

to participate: http://tinyurl.com/qjgbjd4
Most of the information needed will be available shortly on the website www.rosiamontana.org/fauimp4,

Contact: : fauimp4@rosiamontana.org