Call out: By 2020 We Rise Up

Let’s join for a long-term escalation of action for climate justice and system change

The climate crisis is already upon us. The 1.5 degree target is a matter of life and death for millions of people. Meeting it requires that industrialised States be on a reduction pathway by 2020. Instead, States are still encouraging the extraction and use of fossil fuels. And this is only one of the challenges we face.

For change to happen, our actions must scale up massively, and be seen as a common struggle.

Let’s connect our diverse local struggles – against mines or pipelines, against plastic production or agro-industry, against banks and borders. We are not fighting single issues – together we are fighting the countless destructions threatening the environment, as well as the discriminations and inequalities produced by the capitalist system.

Let’s join for a huge mobilization for climate justice and system change, culminating in a massive uprising in 2020.

At the same time we are laying the foundations of a new society based on caring for each other and the planet. We are creating resilient networks in which we can grow and produce, share and care.

System Change not Climate Change

People from various European climate justice groups, March 2018


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