8th Pan-Amazonian Social Forum

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VIII Pan-Amazonian Social Forum

As a thematic space within the World Social Forum, the 8th Pan-Amazonian Social Forum (FOSPA) will take place from April 28th to May 1st, 2017, in the Amazonian city of Tarapoto, in the San Martín region of Peru.

As you know, Amazonia has been a focal territory for struggles and resistance in the face of a multitude of crises in our social, political, ethical, organizational models. With the local steering committee of the Forum, we have opted to build a methodological approach based on mutual attention, the search for new languages and new forms of expression and interaction, which is more participatory, cultural and artistic. The idea is to promote the active support and strengthening of the indigenous peoples, organization leaders, territorial communities, women etc., for the defence of Amazonia (as well as the Andean environment), its biodiversity and its peoples, as essential for the life of humankind.

Here: Pan-Amazon Forum Brochure, English

Thank you in advance for your commitment to Amazonia and the Social Forum!

Brotherly greetings,
FOSPA Coordination


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