For our online meetings we use a program called Mumble. Mumble is open source voice chat software. Once you have installed this program on your computer or mobile device you can login to a server. Here you will see a list of rooms in which you can meet other people to talk with. For our meetings we are using the or Tomalaplaza server, which are hosting many meetings of Occupy, 15M and related movements and initiatives.
If you have no mic, don’t worry, because Mumble also has a text chat channel.

How to download and install Mumble

1. Download the Mumble client for your computer / mobile here:

2. Install Mumble as you do with any other program and be sure to run/finish the ‘Audio Wizard’ when you start Mumble for the first time.
Please select a ‘Push To Talk button’ when running the ‘Audio Wizard’, else in a room with 50 people it will possibly lead up to feedback or worse.

Configuration to connect with or Tomalaplaza servers

In Mumble click on: Server > Connect > Add new

Enter the following information:

Label : Occupii
Server : (has to be written exactly as it is)
Port: 64738
Channel: Assemblies & Round Tables > OPEN SPACE
Nickname: Your name/nick

In Mumble click on: Server > Connect > Add new

Enter the following information:

Port: 64738
Channel: International/plaza de los pueblos
Nickname: Your name/nick

Useability tips

– In Mumble, click Configure and the click (once) on Text-To-Speech. This will disable the Mumble client reading the chat out loud.

– You can also disable all other sounds by going to ‘Configure > Settings > check the ‘Advanced’ box at the bottom left > Messages.
Now disable all sounds you want to, it’s a good advice to disable the soundfile for ‘Text Message’ at the bottom, else when you are speaking for a longer period of time and you have speakers, instead of a headset, the notifications can be a problem, it will feed back into the microphone.

If you are not familiar with Mumble, please try to test it before the meetings start. Usually there are people around in one of the rooms (for example: Lounge) to help you go through the settings.

Source and more info:

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