Call for the next online antiwar meeting: Across the Wall

imagesDear friends,

We  are a group of individuals active in different recent movements  throughout the world, movements inspired by the Arab Spring. We have   witnessed your brave struggles for peace, we have organized solidarity   actions in our own places, but we feel it’s time to do more and to do it  better…

First  of all, we want to listen to you, we want to know what’s happening, we  want to learn what you are experiencing, and we want to hear your plans  and proposals for action. At the same time we want to find out how we  can support each others’ struggles, how we can build a network for the  future, to exchange information and to build new forms of communication  across all the walls that separate us now.We  want to let you know that we are with you in the fight for a life in  peace and dignity. Since the  the misery in the world and the injustice   that is thrown at us is all interconnected, we believe our struggles  can only succeed if we are interconnected.

For  over a year we have been organizing our international networks and many  different international mobilisations through open and horizontal   assemblies on the internet. We are proposing an online meeting on  Saturday 20th of January 2013, to meet with you and anyone who is interested to join us.

A  meeting to bring together people from all over the world (Palestine,  Israel, Syria, Iran, …..) to co-ordinate the possibility of a  grassroots transnational network to bring wars and occupations to an  end, inform about actions and campaigns in different countries, look for  alternatives.

Some  of us are also working to have an encounter  with the movements of the  Arab Spring inside or during the World Social Forum 2013 in Tunis.

Next Meeting January 20th 2013,  7pm CET time (Central Europe) 6pm GMT (UK,….) 8pm IST (Palestine,…..)


In Mumble, Occupytalk, channel:  OPEN SPACE

Mumble is a voice chat Open Source software (works similar  to skype but is not a corporate tool)

How to download-install-connect the program to participate:

Label : Occupii
Server : (has to be written exactly as it is)

Port: 64738
Nickname: Your name/nick and country

Alternativelly: Once you have downloaded and installed the program in your PC, if you register to this site just write in your browser: 

preparing the meeting and the agenda in this pad

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