Invitation: GlobalSquare online meeting, Sunday 3 March 2013

Next online meeting of GlobalSquare (also known as Occupy the WSF initiative) will be held on Sunday 3 March, 19:00 GMT on Mumble. We will continue our conversations on our various planned activities during the World Social Forum in Tunis (26-30 March 2013), including many practical issues as our communication and logistics. We also try to share the latest news from the WSF organizers, updates on the situation in Tunisia and from groups who want to be connected online with Tunis.

How to connect?

Mumble  is a voice chat Open Source software (works similar to skype but is not  a corporate tool). Please follow these instructions to get connected. If this is the first time you use Mumble, please try to log in at least half an hour in advance, we will be there to help you.

globalsquare_mumblemeetingLocation: server
Room: Assemblies & Round Tables > OPEN SPACE
Date: Sunday, 3rd of March, 2013
Time: 19.00 GMT/UTC
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How to join Mumble:

Facilitation of the meetings start half an hour before. If this is your first time it can be good to join in earlier and try to fix possible connection/sound problems.


Please add your suggestions on the pad:

About our initiative

GlobalSquare is a series of online and physical meetings and assemblies whose participants and organisers are individuals linked to the 15M, Occupy, Student Movements, Yo Soy 132!, Tharek, Idle No More!, VIA22 as well as other movements. Our objective is to prepare a lively open space for physical contact and exchange during the World Social Forum (WSF) which will take place from 26-30 March 2013 in Tunisia where the flames of the global intifada first sparked in January 2011.  We are hoping to enhance collaborations and exchange among citizens and activists who are linked to various movements in different continents by organising collective events and actions towards, around and beyond the WSF. Read more…

Schedule for Mumble Meetings:

  • 9th meeting: Sunday 17th March 2013
  • Preparation meetings for the activities will be held in Tunis, connected with Mumble
  • We will schedule a Mumble meeting for evaluation after the WSF

Get involved!

In case you can’t make it this time, here is an overview of the many ways you can get involved in this initiative!

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