Meeting on 16th of May invitation

Next online meeting of GlobalSquare (also known as Occupy the WSF initiative) will be held on THursday 16th of May , 6pm GMT, 7pm UK, 8pm CET
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The meeting will be on Mumble
Mumble  is a voice chat Open Source software
Location: server, Room: Assemblies & Round Tables  go to OPEN SPACE
How to join Mumble:

Facilitation  of the meetings start half an hour before.
If this is your first time  it can be good to join in earlier and try to fix possible  connection/sound problems. You are more than welcome to share this invitation in your networks!

The aim of this meeting is to discuss what is Globalsquare about, how we work and how we meet, what could be the future of this network

Concrete proposal as how to connect different international meeting as the 19th of May People of the world square in Madrid, the London workshop on 8th/9th june, the open assembly in Athens during the Alter summit and the 31M/1st of June will be discussed

For this reason will be very interesting to have people from all the world and from places where this events/actions/demonstrations and conference are taking place

We normally build the agenda collectivly so if you wold like to add some points to the thematic already been decided in the previous meeting fell free to do it in the pad of the meeting

Signs we use in the text chat during our mumble meetings:

WWWW or +1  = agree
MMMMM or -1   = disagree
****turn****        = ask for turn
+++++             = direct response
TTTTT               = technical point
#####           = please kindly try to conclude your intervention, I understood you 🙂

Some information about GlobalSquare
web site:
Mailing list: You can subscribe here / vous pouvez vous inscrire ici:
All from Global Square in Tunis:

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