GlobalSquare is an initiative of a group of participants in the newest wave of movement and uprising around the world. We mobilized and organized towards, around and beyond the World Social Forum 2013, a global gathering of social movements and civil society organisations,  held in Tunis from 26-30 March 2013. Currently we are planning an intervention in the World Social Forum 2015 taking place in Tunis from 24-28 March 2015. More details about our intiative you can find here.

We are working on different activities in Tunis and we invite everyone to join and the process is always open for other activities. There are many options to get involved in our process and find supporters for your proposals:


In december 2012 we started a mailinglist for discussion and collaboration. You can subscribe to this list on this page (fill your email in the form on the right). The archive of the list is also publicly accessible on the same page.

Online meetings

Since the end of november 2012 we hold online voice chat meetings on a regular basis. Here you can find all the information you need to join these meeting. Here you find the most recent invitation to the next meeting that you can spread in your networks.

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