Minutes 17 March 2013

During this last online meeting before the WSF in Tunis we discussed our schedule of proposed activities and how to make sure people who are not attending can communicate with … Read More

Minutes 17 February 2013

During our 6th online meeting we discussed our activities that are now getting a more definitive shape. We also discussed many practical issues such as crowdfunding and logistics for our … Read More

Minutes 17 January 2013

During this meeting we talked about what we expect from Tunis, discussed how and when we are going to have our future online meetings, and more…

Minutes 3 January 2013

During the 4th Mumble meeting we discussed many practical points, such as a name for our initiative, translations and logistics. We also started to talk about what sort of activities … Read More

Minutes 18 December 2012

In the 3rd Mumble meeting we started with introducing ourselves and share information about what our local/national groups (might) do in relation to the World Social Forum in Tunis. The … Read More

Minutes 7 December 2012

In our 2nd online meetings on Occupy and the WSF we started with some updates from Tunisia: about the current poltical situation and about the WSF process. We also discussed … Read More

Minutes 30 November 2012

Shortly after the movement meetings of Agora99 in Madrid and Firenze10+10 in Florence we organized this first online meeting to brainstorm and carry on discussions and proposals on how to … Read More