Minutes 16 March 2015

Meeting in Mumble 16th of march 2015 at 8 pm CET time 
0) Saying hi, and who is going to Tunis
Carminda: there will be people ready to help and meeting there. creativity space and materials (max 200 dollars) active researcher. Buying things there with the youth comission on 
Sunday 22nd
Tunis: we have some proposals, drawing staff. workshop for children, clown and costumes, bring some photographs for exposition. 
Orsan: is not coming, he is involved in Occupy the University of Amsterdam, what is happening there is really symbolic and historic occupation, very enthousiastic, connect the struggles in the city. It would be possible to connect the occupation with Global Square in Tunis. info about the UvA occupation: http://tinyurl.com/dnuinfo  we will be screening Blockupy action in the @Maagdenhuis, hashtag #maagdenhuis, in solidarity with VioMe occupied factory being liquidated in Greece. 
Marita: i will be there from 23 to 29th, I will bring a projector which only needs a computer to upload the videos, I can also help in working in the globalsquare space, I will be involved also with palestinian meetings and the convergency assembly preparing the 18th April global day against economic agreements like TTIP, TAFTA,  and all commercial treats. Inviting people from global square to join the 27th videoconference at 18:30 with movements in Spain which could be very interesting in order to know whats happening in Spain 
Jasper : will be in Tunis from this Friday and until the 31st, is working on the website
Henda : Alternative website where they do alternative documentary in Tunisia, like Kasbah (political occupation). And another documentary about water in Tunisia. It will be nice to project this documentary.
Also we could do a workshop about horizontality, we could prepare it, or could it be a discussion, try to share pratices and experiences
DeeShanger : Occupy Toronto, training livestreamers on the ground, Occupy Toronto will mirror, and Occupy WS will mirror them    
Not: If Vlad is there and helping, with material and tech set-up wise, that would make us posible to build in well connected online events,
1) Please indicate who will do what ! 🙂
Before Tunis
Promoting the Global Square space
  • Create a Poster and/or flyer? Who will do it? jasper carminda and people from Tunis 
Elements to put in the flyer :
  • Program
  • Indication that people can inscribe their activities onsite
  • Invite people to continue their discussions initiated in their workshops
  • Please send pictures/photos, etc to Jasper
  • Orsan is going to create a Prezi or a collab-art/lay out tool: start to draft brainstorming, and collectively mind map the ideas, visualise the global space..
  • Social networks : Create a twitter: jasper & orsan
  • Create a Skype Account, or any kind of good working space for onine video-audio participaton to use for online meetings Who will do it? orsan  
  • orsan helping with social media diffusion [linking twitter-facebook-google+ accounts, these accounts to the blog and ]
  • Promotion in different alternative medias (Dean?) – interoccupy, globalRevTv, democracy watch, demnocracy now, real news network, revolution news, global occupy media, capul tv, … the new university Tv (amsterdam 🙂 ) 
– Buy material (on Sunday morning carminda, jasper and others ) :
  • Creative material – Carminda : markers and colors, chalk, cartboard, paper sheets, rope, tape, cisors, white glue, brushes, bluetag
  • Others : spray paint, etc?
  • Big electricity extention ??
  • Sim card for telephones and internet (at least 2 or 3) 
– Who brings what?
  • Carminda : creative material/personal computer
  • Marita : projector (doesn’t need eletricity, can be used outside), phographies and posters from 15M
  • Jasper : personal computer 
  • Laptop (Jasper?) and camera (rami) for livestream
In Tunis
– Buy material (cushions, pillows, carpets, etc) : Carminda, Aymen and …? (note from rami: activities we are planning from tunis will be really cheap but a little collect would help, in anycase we can manage) 
– Verify that we have a connexion / buy internet key : Who will do it?
– Promotion during the march and on the campus : Distribute flyers, etc.?
– Prepare the space : Carminda and ????
  • Marks in the campus to indicate location
  • Creation of signs (global square sign, welcome, music and creativity space, dialogue space, principles, etc?)
  • Prepare the tent and the different spaces
– Update the board with activities
– Update website
– Livestream : Jasper ? Deeshanger (in Toronto) is willing to train people to Livestream. Vlad from Global Revolution will be there, but he will be busy covering other activities. 
Contact for training : Dee Shanger from https://www.livestream.com/occupytoronto 
skype addy: deeshanger (toronto)
twitter: @deeshanger
gsm: +1 416 456 1964 (toronto) – if u send an sms, then include ur name with it.
LS (livestream) training worksop by Dee Shanger (via skype)
– Facilitate activities/welcome people/etc.
2) Program (note that there will be also the posibiliy to inscribe activities onsite) (Tunis times) : specific PAD : https://titanpad.com/globalsquareWSF2015
SUNDAY 22nd 
pm : Carminda and Aymen (and others?) will go to the market to buy stuff (cushions, pillows, carpets, etc.)
10:30 am : Global square working day in Rami’s office
Prepare material:
  • Creation and printingof signs (global square sign, welcome, music and creativity space, dialogue space, principles, etc?)
  • Update the website : Jasper
  • twitting 
  • preparing flyers 
  • organize streaming (if Vlad can join us) 
  • organize first draft of the program 
  • Preparing marks in the campus to indicate location
  • Verify internet connections
  • Include our activities to Maestro calls
pm : Visit the campus ???
Assemblée des jeunes (11h)
Assemblée des femmes (11h)
Opening march : 3pm – Starting point :Théâtre municipal à la Place des Droits de l’Homme
Opening event/Spectacle d’ouverture : Place des droits de l’Homme
Self-organised activities from 8:30 to 17:30
am : prepare the space : Marita, Carminda, Jasper, Rami?, Others
find the board
3-7pm CET time (10am-2pm EST/Toronto/New York City time) “How To LS (livestream)”  worksop by Dee Shanger from, https://www.livestream.com/occupytoronto LS-channel ::: “The art, theory, science, LS-channel platform (Livestream, Ustream, Bambuser, etc), gear (incl. software & apps), troubleshooting & everything LSing. Basically this is our classic “LS-director” training worksop that we’ve conducted hundreds of times. Yarrrrrrrrrr!!!”
[NB: for the organizers, I’ll use my skype addy for this]
Contact info : Dee Shanger from https://www.livestream.com/occupytoronto 
skype addy: deeshanger (toronto)
twitter: @deeshanger
gsm: +1 416 456 1964 (toronto) – if u send an sms, then include ur name with it.
Self-organised activities from 8:30 to 17:30
Convergence assemblies from 15:00 to 17:30
am :
pm : 
Self-organised activities from 8:30 to 17:30
Convergence assemblies from 15:00 to 17:30
am :
“Conversations about being protagonists: the example of Chile (2011).
There is no more important time for a social movement that when it decides to be protagonist of social change. That means leaving behind the role of victims and marginalized. We will talk about the need of being in the centrality of politics to educate and unite a majority of people for social rights and against neo-liberal policies.”
pm : 
Participation in the videoconference Assembly 27th March at 6:30 pm in Tunis and social movements in Madrid http://registration.fsm2015.org/wsf2015/slot/9 
Salle 761 Skype fsm.madrid 
FSMMadrid  organizes an assembly in Madrid in which we invite all  different     platforms, groups, 15M assemblies talking about the actual   movements,    achievements, campaigns, struggles and alternatives in  all  different    fields (housing, debt, health, education, public  services,     international networks, feminism & LGTBT, consume –  economical     relations &TTIP, ecological justice, migration,   alimentary     sovereignty, people rights, antimilitarism, repression  and civil     disobedience, culture,…….)  and we aspect to connect  with the    experience of other people from all  over the world who will  be participating from Tunis in the  videoconferences  People in  Madrid   will  speak Spanish, therefor we need translation during  the   connection.   
Self-organised activities from 8:30 to 14:00
Feedback of the convergence assemblies at 14:00
Closing march: 16:00
Closing show
SUNDAY 29th + MONDAY 30th
International Council meeting in a fancy hotel
LIST of activities
– Open, horizontal, transnational work-group for an event: Networking alternative modes of productions bottom up
Engage and invite those coming to Tunis and involved in commoning,  floss, p2p communities, worker and ciziten coops, autonomous alternative  solidarity economy networks, communiy kitchens, as well as those ngo  type oganisations in support of some of these groups in  one way or the  other. I prepare the followng draft as a base for a  wokshop to succeed  the first Networked Labour seminar  (netwokedlabour.net) that I did  organise in Amsterdam in 2013. As it is  now might be too theoretically  focuse (on labour), but hope it can be a basis to work on together and  modify into somehing could be useful in engaging with those linked to  relevant projects, communities or networks and already coming to Tunis: https://titanpad.com/networkedlabour2ndencounterproposal Docs: Process recipes and mapping for open networked collabration – https://speakerdeck.com/mikorizal/nrp-recipe-concepts-and-tutorial [this event I could try to do here at UvA, and try to link it to Global Square? as well as WSF extention?]
– Event : linking up with the tunisian youth dynamics of the WSF?
– Activity from the association of Diplômés chômeurs
Unplugged music/creativity space : actively invite people to use it !
– Horizontal Assembly on Sunday morning in the central streets 
Workshop on horizontality prepared by our groups (from Tunis) 
Online activity as part of WSF extention, and if possilbe GS participation – a Global-Little School [again at occupied Maagdenhuis/UvA] (Orsan will work on  arranging some people from  Rojava assemblies, Chipas (little school),  InterOccupy, some people  from Hong Kong – tech tool (there is a working  multi-lingual conference  system)
Activity with people involved with Idle No More
– Activity Spring 2015 : reflexions from Quebec
COLLECTIF  FORUM SOCIAL MONDIAL AFRIQUE DE L’OUEST (FSMAO) VERS les FSM 2015 à  Tunis ET 2016 à Montréal – Session de dialogue et d’échanges  (facilitation : No Vox Togo)
Le  collectif FSMAO entend ainsi favoriser l’émergence d’une nouvelle  culture politique d’implication citoyenne qui favorise l’engagement et  la participation du collectif  FSMAO aux activités de l’espace Global  Square au FSM 2015 à Tunis, sur  le thème : Droits humains et lutte pour  l’égalité. 
Dans  cette perspective, il se veut aussi un lieu d’éducation populaire à  large échelle qui permette de sensibiliser la population mondial  aux  multiples enjeux qui confrontent l’Afrique de l’Ouest dans le contexte  néolibéral actuel. De plus, le collectif vise à favoriser dans cet  espace la convergence des luttes sociales, à susciter la formation de  coalition entre les divers mouvements et organismes de la société civile  engagés dans une démarche de transformation sociale. 
Il est désormais temps d’unir nos expertises et de créer les synergies  nécessaires afin d’investir l’arène mondial. Rassemblons toutes les  forces vives du changement social  dans ce travail collectif pour  imaginer un monde   différent, un monde  qui soit conforme à nos  aspirations, à nos idéaux de solidarité, de partage, de justice et de  respect mutuel.

Activity about the future of the Forum



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