Minutes 17 February 2013

During our 6th online meeting we discussed our activities that are now getting a more definitive shape. We also discussed many practical issues such as crowdfunding and logistics for our activities.

Mailing list:
You can subscribe here: http://openfsm.net/projects/2011movements-fsm-wsf/lists/2011movements-fsm-wsf-discussion

People participating in the meeting:

Shawn, OWS New York
Marita, participant 15M, Madrid
Jasper, Occupy Netherland
Piran, Occupy Berlin
Carminda, Montreal (VIA22)
Vica, Occupy/London
Dani, 15M Barcelona
Orsan, the netherlands
hella, methodology and logistics commitees WSF, Tunis
JMP, Occupy the Economy, US


0. Introducing each other

1. Tasks and introduction to protocols
facilitation Dani
minutes, marita and vica
turns Jasper

2. Information from tunisia (if somebody is there)
Activities will be allowed for free (from the world social forum committee, we received a mail to the list)

3. Presentation of the activities

Dani: Orsan has registered an activity for new global labour activism
Jasper: Assemblies we would prefer to have in a square, but we don’t know if it will be possible. We will discuss the proposal in point  5
Vica: presenting two workshops on sharing platform on tools we could use
Mariangela: talking about Spanish Revolution and the fact that some people are coming to Tunis and will help with it
contact Vlad
Vica: Facilitation workshop we can organise autonomously, as there are not many groups propsing something similar.
For media platforms there are more groups proposing similar activities so it is worth to collaborate closely with them.
Jasper: proposing that we not only organize workshops on tools but actually using them in our assemblies
Vica: start with training in the morning of the first day
Marita: we will have assemblies outdoors,

4. Discussion  about the collected proposals of activities in Tunis (25-30 March 2013)

You can see a summary of proposals till now  and add new ones here: http://titanpad.com/agora99firezneWSFactivities

We have registered activities for 6 of the 8 slots provided. So we might be able to have a dedicated space.

Marita: we will have assemblies outdoors but we also have to think about an Open space, exibition, informal meetings, videos
Vica: also it will be great to have a space to invite people from Via22, blockupy and …..
Shawn: It will be good to have a space for our groups. Great to have space where we share knowledge, info, etc…but it is also good to have some structure for it.
not to separate ourselves too much and have the opportunity to exchange to these people too
Dani: Jasper was saying that we should connect activities together. The Facilitation trainng is just before the assembly. So we could propose to people in the skill-share to then help with the facilitation of the assembly.
Mari: we heard that in NY you have an exhibition of 15M. Would it be possible for you to bring it?
Shawn: it was organised by someone not within our network. I would have to find out.

27th slot 1: workshop media-platforms
27th slot 2: workshop facilitiation
27th slot 3: Assembly 1

28th slot 2: Workshop on Unionism
28th Slot 3: Assembly 2

29th slot 2: assembly 3

Carminda: we would like to organise a workshop where groups involved in social movements can come together and discuss how to look beyond the WSF together, and to made sustainable links between us. Here is a lik to our working pad : http://piratepad.net/Phwj84DU0w

A few groups contacted VIA22 to agglutinate with us : Real democracy now, UNI-Alter (Activists in Universities in Canada), Local furums in  France (F-FSL) This activities will happen in 3 moments, registered in the first slot 27th,28th,29th
We would like groups from the Americas to participate, so the slots in the afternoon would be better.

Dani: we can change the slots around.

Also the activites start on the 27th not the 28th, so we have only the 25th and 26th to organise.

Jasper: the assemblies before are open to everybody because we have to work in a whole open process. We can not fix the location, but only the date right now, like on the 26th

Dani: we should have plans for these meeting before the 27th when they send out the skedule will be

Marita: Madrid assembly in the extended forum: an open assembly in Madrid where all platforms will introduce themselves. It would be good to coordinate this with our activities.

Shawn: we are also planning a summit in NY March 16-17th
Regarding the decision making power. We are not going to have a statement at the end but it will be great to have documentation (like videos) about the assemblies. how are working the assemblies with different kind of facilitation

Dani: may be we could have an assembly to prepare the facilitation team

Vica: the facilitation skill sharing is a general discussion on facilitation and better not to use it in order to prepare the assemblies in the evening

jasper: in our proposal its clear that we dont have to discuss the agenda of the assemblies. So if people participating makes the agenda. expieriences from different places is great.

mariangela: sharing alternatives and methodologies of taking decision. in Madrid we are preparing a pad in order to collect

Vica: we also have to use our web site in order to make very easy for people to document themselves. And it is important to start the work now

Orsan: presenting the activity 28th slot 2: Workshop on Unionism. this is a continuation of the discussion between unions and other movements. About critical blocks, occupation, inflence of the movements, whats happening in these last years  http://titanpad.com/newglobalunionism

Shawn: maybe the idea could be how istitution could work with movements? https://www.global-square.net/groups/debateing-new-global-unionism-is-one-big-networked-union-possible-395863158/

JMP: we are working occupy the economy  with people involved in labour protest . http://interoccupy.net/occupytheeconomy/2013/02/occupy-the-economy-seeking-knowledge-ideas-about-laborpicketingprotest-law/?doing_wp_cron=1361134251.6400990486145019531250

Dani: extended forum in  madrid and in barcelona expirience of the catalan social forum (in  connection with barcelona 27th at 7 pm)

5. Proposals about the assemblies (call to send out)

Jasper introducing the following proposal:

GlobalSquare proposes assemblies of the movements from the squares at the World Social Forum in Tunis and invites everyone to join, share and connect

GlobalSquare is a series of online and physical meetings and assemblies whose participants are individuals linked to the 15M in Spain, Occupy, student movements, Yo Soy 132!, T’harrek, Idle No More!, VIA22 and  other  grassroots movements. Our objective is to prepare a lively open space for exchange of experiences and plans for the future during the World Social Forum (WSF) which will take place from 26-30 March 2013 in Tunisia where the flames of the global intifada first sparked in December 2010.
We started a website (https://www.global-square.net/) to share information and to work together in an open, horizontal and transparent way.

On the 27th, 28th and 29th of March 2013 in Tunis: Open Assemblies of the Movements from the squares

During the WSF we will collectively create a space to hold daily open assemblies. We invite all Tunisians and participants of the WSF to talk about our everyday struggles for a life in peace and dignity. The working methods and agenda will be discussed together in open meetings and will be flexible to change according to how the assemblies will develop. We welcome you to participate in this open process, to share, listen and learn.
If possible the assemblies take place on a public square, but given the circumstances we can not suggest a suitable location yet. Most important is that the assemblies are open and free for all. For anyone who is not able to come to Tunis, we will try to provide live-streams on the internet to connect with you and your local assembly.
To prepare the practical requirements, such as finding a location, translations, soundsystem and live-streams, we will hold preparatory assemblies during the days before the WSF, on the 25th, 26th of March. All details will be announced on our website.
If you have suggestions to make these assemblies possible, want to offer   your skills as translator or live-streamer, please join our  mailinglist,  online meetings, or online discussion groups: https://www.global-square.net/join-our-process/
You are more than welcome to share this message in your networks!

There is the need to translate the text : Hella will translate in arabic and spanish and french , marita in italian. Pad for translations: http://titanpad.com/GlobalSquare-Assemblies-in-Tunis

Carminda: was in Tunis with Marwen who was involved in the forum and is very critical now. Outside of the rooms of the conferences, inside the university, there are lot of green spaces. If it doesnt rain, I think we could do whatever we want to do there during the WSF. There will be internet connection also outside the rooms. Marwan has been thinking about how to do it outside. Marwen said that being in squares like Bourguiba will be difficult because people dont see the squares in the way in other country. It will be better to do it in neibourhood where people dont even know about the forum. He has a small gruop of friends who is planning to organize some activities outside before the Forum. There is a lot of police in the street and this could be a problem. Some people have experiences with extremist coming to people if they dont have the hijab they could beat them up. we have to be sensitive about this. the situation is fragile and it’s not possible to know what is going to happen. People is tired of the government and maybe it will be complicated to do things in the street. there is a good feeling about us in the forum.

Hella: I ‘de advise not to chose the Bourguiba

Shawn: good that people is working with us. The governement will be also careful because a lot of international will be there. It’s also our resposibility to show solidarity, and stand firmly against violence against women.

Marita: may we could try to organize some of the activities in the neiborhood but also not forget to be near the forum to exchange

Vica: do we prioritize our security or being in the squares? Could

Jasper: agrees on discussing facilitation for the assemblies without deciding on the agenda

Marita: is important to structure our web site in order to collect on one side alternatives built in different countries and on the other side assemblies methodology of facilitating, taking decision, assembleary process

Vica proposed to change the text and the text has been decided :

7. Logistic: where are we going to stay

there are reductions and procedures now prepared for the venue which are available on demand by the links
please to give the info around
please to contact this email to tell them what are your needs and requirements for accomodation and travel and they ‘ll be helping you: hebergement@fsm2013.org Tél : 00 216 71 961 880 Mob 00 216 28 707 000 Mob 00 216 28 218 219 Mob 00 216 28 707 003

Questions for Hella:

will there be a place within the the campus  where we can camp?

are there options to stay indoors for people with  health problems?

do we have to bring tents or are they provided?

are  there showers in the university?

do we have to pay to camp/stay in  the dormitories? How much?

how do we register for them?

Assemblies  on Mon25th, Tue 26th  we need 2/3 megafone and translation

Assemblies  27th , 28th, 29th March. sound system and translation

Where will be the open space where we could be together, with internet   facilities, exhibition, art, meetings,….  could we have some infrostructure to held exibition, some tables, chairs,…

will there be a kitchen place in the university?

Hella is saying that there will be tent and a dormitory in university

Translations for the assemblies: ideal if provided by the WSF, but otherwise we can do it ourselves dividing into groups according to the languages.

what things do we need to raise funds for:
– megaphones € 50
– prints              € 100
– large pieces of papers & pens, tools for exibition € 100
– sim cards  for livestreaming  € 100
– sending booklets from different spaces € 50
– unforeseen 100€

Jasper: We should give something back to those who donate, in the form of good reports etc
Dani: we can donate what we produce physically to those who donate.
decided minimum 500 max 650
marita, orsan and ternura preparing the video to promote the fundraising

8. Call from the squares: call for a global may

Dear comrades,
We are writing from Spain to inform the International Network of activists that we are starting the process to put together a Global May for 2013.
As you know, the revolution in Europe burst 2 years ago on May 15th in Spain (video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rrqcch6Ie0c)
A group of activists have been meeting lately, in order to organize actions starting on the 1st of May (MayDay) like demonstrations, assemblies, workshops, conferences, flashmobs and open spaces in the squares of our ciites.
We think that it would be just great to take this opportunity to get connected through these actions all over the planet and to work together building this Global May 2013.
We offer you the following form, we want to collect proposals of actions on May 2013 from your countries
We also attach a poster in English to start promoting this huge project.
Please help us spreading the idea and let us know how we can together make a real synergy between your local actions and plans with the rest of the movement’s actions everywhere else.
If we manage once more to make a global event in May, this will help us reinfircing the global movement that we have.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Toma Madrid 15M
contact: tomamadrid15m@gmail.com

9. Next meetings:

Sunday 3rd March

Sunday 17th March

10. communication strategy meeting:

18th  feb  20:00 CET (see email on the list)



Source: http://titanpad.com/globalsquare7

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