Minutes 3 February 2013

In this 5th general meeting we have started to talk about the actual activities we are going to do when we are in Tunis and how are we going to work these out, what contents will have our thematic assemblies etc.  It is unanimously decided to fix the next general meetings on Sundays: 17th February, 3rd March, and 17 March.

5th Meeting: GlobalSquare (Occupy the WSF)  3rd Sunday February


19:00 GMT, 20:00 CET, 21:00 IST

Occupytalk.org > Assemblies & roundtables > OPEN SPACE

Important: Remember the meeting is starting half an hour before in order to solve all tecnical problems and issues like team facilitating, agenda, minutes, introducing each other, check the sound, …..

Signs in the text chat during our mumble meetings:

  • WWWW or +1  = agree
  • MMMMM or -1   = disagree
  • ****turn****        = ask for turn
  • +++++             = direct response
  • TTTTT               = technical point
  • #####           = please kindly try to conclude your intervention, I understood you 🙂

Link with all pads http://titanpad.com/agora99firezneWSFpads

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People participating in the meeting:

  • Carminda, Montreal VIA22, Occupy Montreal
  • Vica, Occupy London ____Arriving on the 23rd
  • Jasper, Occupy Nijmegen, the Netherlands — joining the caravan from Genua / or go a week before the WSF
  • Marita, politica internacional 15M, Madrid  26th March
  • Claire, Occupy Wall st, New York
  • Orsan, occupy Amsterdam, Holland
  • Marisa, OWS ______________23rd
  • Piran, berlin Germany
  • Okupi from Spain, legal
  • Adriana, from Italy, Recommon  arriving the 25h
  • Nori, Occupy Montreal VIA 22 going to Tunis with 50 people
  • Kaylynn, Occupy in US, not in Tunis,
  • Anima,
  • John, Occupy London
  • Gareth, Ireland
  • MRLEE, Ireland
  • Citizen skinny Ireland
  • BRK,
  • Ternura, Spain
  • Tina,
  • Cristina,
  • Pierre, France  (will be in tunis from 21st – part of Tunis extended team)
  • Salembard

AGENDA ( prepared half an hour before the starting of the meeting)

  1. Introducing each other
  2. Deciding facilitation, minutes, turns
  3. Explaination about the Group (2min-Vica)
  4. Date for next general meetings (10 min)
  5. Presentation of the activities (2min each)
  6. Discussion about the collected proposals of activities in Tunis (25-30 March 2013) you could see a summary of proposals till now  and add new ones in this pad (15min) http://titanpad.com/agora99firezneWSFactivities
  7. Divide into groups (30min) to discuss activities
  8. Feedback from groups
  9. Text to promote our initiative and website: http://titanpad.com/agora99firezneWSFcomcom



1. Intros, division of labour

2. Vica is explaining about the group…

3. Next General meetings decided

  •  Sunday 17th February
  •  Sunday 3rd March
  •  Sunday 17 March

4. Presentation of activities

Nori: she is with Kahaled who knows a lot of people in tunisia. Marwen is in Tunisia, he has to finish things with his study. after that he will be more active. To make the link between us and people on the ground.

One day or few days, out side the forum.. Nori has started a group on the global-sqaure.net website. If your like to do somethin out side the forum pls. join in that gourp and collaborate.

She is waiting right now for people to say something about that.

Tina: she has new information about the caravan of migrants without papers  she is asking if anyone would like to join the boat on the way and back from genova to Tunis and back.

Orsan: I have suggested a fist assembly before the WSF official opening before the forum where we are all come together before we start; without an agenda in a symbolic place in Tunis

Nori: it is good idea, i will be there in Tunis one week before the sovial forum. so it would be great.

Mariangela: just reminding this is a presentation and after we could split up in small groups

Anima‘s question: Do we know that the political situation in Tunisia is now?, whether it is advisable to do something on the street because maybe a handful of europeans trying to do an assembly in English?wouldn’t it be is a bit dangerous and unhelpful, because maybe no one from Tunis will really join … have contacts there? where are they? as conectatamos with them

Vica: yes we considered this constantly.

Tina: Tunis is little bit difficult. There are activists who would like to do somethings on the side of the WSF/ but they do not have that much support. Just a qusick information.

OccupyKylynn: I can give you advise on the customs of muslim communities.

Jasper: We have quite some people from Tunis. and we have people who want to help with translations, so we have still wories but also there is good news

ClaireL: Interested in having a conversation about arts and culture in the WSF, jasper suggested contacting StreetArt Revolution Tunisia on Facebook

Vica: 2 proposals from Vica. One is a skill-sharing the orher is faciliation. Not about teaching but sharing and learning from each other. Can be bambuser, etc tools. It is registered oficially in wsf to be able to use infrastructure but can be good to do it also outside the forum.

Carminda -basstress: Creative open space to think of what is going to after the WSF. sometimes these kind of networking stays on the air and links dissapear. it would be an open and creative space shaped by the participants spontaneously we are working on creating it as participatory as we can. We will be trying to bring.. this is a space for people from social movmetns, activists, or civil society it is alreay registere in the official program but it might also be done outside the forum and open via internet. More infos : http://piratepad.net/Phwj84DU0w  We will be discussing this point on feb 11th (at 4pm GMT), on Mumble room VIA22, during the global Assembly of VIA22

Mariangela: 15M int pol. thinks assembleis outside the forum… against the  resistance.. local events to communicate with the forum. by Madrid social forum, calling for an open assembly and live stream connection..

Vica: Idle No More connection, this group can may be support the online connection.

Jasper: exhibition photos – videos to be able to use.. a coolobarotive new paper prepared and publsihed -in connection with the already existing occupy 15 m printed papers during the froum on the ground

Nori: someone from IdNM Quebecc will be coming with us to Tunis so shw would be happy to cnnect this initiative with IdNM.

Vica:  I dont’t feel we need space for the porposals on skill sharing and faciliation

Mariangela proposes to have two groups: one for the activities outside one for the activities inside

Discussion on how to devide in to groups to discuss further in details about the activisties to organise in and outseide the forum..

Vica: Tina can you clairfy about the caravan idea what kinds of task would it involve? do you need any specific information from this meeting.

Tina: only needs to know if there are any people fro this groups to go to Tunis, and link the event and the boat

Vica:  suggest Tina prepare information and text about the boat and caravan and it is discussed later on..

Mariangela: Lets go as one groups to discuss

Vica: suggets to go on with the discussion and decisiding/identifying the tasks belongs to the activities prposed. And we will write down the these tasks at the bottom of the minutes.

Nori: group on the website. we can use it for the all things about the things outsite the forum.

Vica: Now we are all discussion about all the activities prposed and about what we need to do to realise those events and activities from now till then.

Marita: First meeting on 26th and 27th – assemblies without any agenda in a symbolic square in tunis  and the 3 assemblies on 28,29,30

Jasper: we need to start preparing the assemblies inside the forum as well. so lets dont leave the open and for later.

Anima: I’m agree whit mariangela but i think is better if we can preparing the assebly a littel bit before and after try to got everybody the decision together  but make groups for preparing the activites

Orsan: we need to connect with people in Tunis fro the first assemblies as we did in Florence

Nori: she thinks is a good idea to have the meetings at the beginning: Marween is very busy and she will try to talk to him to see what is possible

Mariangela proposed to have 25th, 26, 27 as days for preparing work for our activities depending on the contest in Tunis

Jasper: Lets move on the discussion on the thing we have a control about, wsf would have partical stuff we can use for the assmeblies etc. so lets start talking aobut the content of the assemblies.

Pierre will be in Tunis from 21st. There will be a good deal of activities broadcasted. More than a thousand activities proposals. 100 activities broadcasting. During these days you are welcome to use these rooms to have connection inside the campus. The skeme is ongoing. people have to put the activity in the WSF

-extension of wsf- I will give more information of the extended Tunis initiative for globalsquare initiative to invite more local groups to join.  here is a group in the  Global Square website : https://www.global-square.net/groups/global-square-tunis-extended/

Anima: proposed three groups

  • Black room: infrastructure, economy, stay in tunise, etc..
  • Blue room: assemblies,
  • Green room:  17th february (and maybe a 3rd group of communication: web, stremaing and all of these things)

Vica asks if we could have a space

Marisa: Convergence for a parallel space

First our meetings on 25th, 26th and 27th – assemblies without any agenda in a symbolic square in tunis  are decided

Dinamization group: we didn’t speak. We proposed to make a group for facility in the next assembly.

Blue room Assemblies and thematic – every body in the blue group so we go on with minutes as a plenary meeting

Mariangela proposing real experiences of building alternatives, repression and strategies of resistance, communication and networking struggles as the three main points of discussion for the assemblies  Fixing a thematic is important in order to make the assemblies more useful and peopla going

Jasper proposal of thematics:

1. The stories of our struggles: Sharing experiences and learning to understand the different local situations.

2. Globalise our struggles: Looking for common ground for translocal/transnational/global campaigns

3. Evaluating our assemblies, preparation process, and the wider WSF event

Mariangela proposes a change for the third assembly:

Evaluating our assemblies, preparation process, and connection beyond WSf of Tunis

Piran: we couldnt transform ourselves in leaders. We got to listen to people and start from why we are there and what do we want

Marisa asks about our connection with people in Tunis

Vica said it looks like it is difficult to have a lot of help

Jasper says that we have contacts and many of them are in the mailing list. About the assemblies what means to use the methodology of people assemblies . Announca our assemblies in a very open way

Vica: Its important to call out for the monday meeting so we could start to work with people

mariangela: as Rami said we have to ask precise things

places for the first 3 meetings place 25th,26th,27th

places for assemblies 28th,29th,30th squares outside or alternatives

is there a possibility of an open space where we could be together?

is  there a possibility of a space where to stay and sleep together?

Salembard: Forums are spaces where people come to gether to from immadiate workgroups to make statemets.. and perform a direct action. it is a great and effctive purpose. interviews two questions: ?? when groups are doing their mission and vision statements….

Vica: Internmediate meetings impoartant. Will do the doodle for sharing skills, communicacion in the movement

Pierre: It is important to get the opinions of the people not being able to go to tunis.

Mariangela: 12th or 14th Feb for the working group of assemblies. Will do the doodle!

Vica: Someone has to orgainse the meeting about the logistics? We might need to discuss this online.

Mariangela:  Propose to decide the text in the pad.


Jasper: We can use it also for the invitations for the next meetings.

The text is decided but next meetings will be added before sending


We have 5 working groups at the moment

1. Infrustructure: Tina, Rami, Jeza, Marouane, Nori and Paul, Dani

2. Finance: Sureshf, Daniel, John

3. Statement: Jasper, Jeza, John, Sureshf

4. Communication: Vica, Orsan, Dani, Mariangela

5. Administrator website: Jasper, Mariangela, Orsan, Vica, Ali,..

Tasks belongs to the Activities:

  • Choose time and place for the meetings on Mon25th,  Tue 26, WEd 27. Where? What time? Ouside is possble? Where? what about sound system and streaming and translation?
  • Choose time and place for the assemblies 28th ,29th,30th March.  Where? What time? Ouside is possble? Where? what about sound system and streaming and translation?
  • Diffusion of the information – marwen, rami, nori, khaled, … tunisian boggers, websites, fb.
  • Organise a meeting for the skill sharing on facilitation
  • Organise a meeting for the skill-sharing on media
  • Working group on assemblies (meeting between now and the 16th of Feb)
  • Working group on skill sharing

Direct questions to our contacts in Tunis:

  • Meetings on Mon25th,  Tue 26, Wed 27. Ouside the forum. Is it possible? Where? What about sound system and streaming and translation?
  • Assemblies 28th ,29th,30th March. Ouside the forum. Is it possible? Where? What about sound system and streaming and translation?
  • Is there a possibility of an open space where we could be together, with internet facilities, exibition, art, meetings, ….
  • Is  there a possibility of a space (accomodation) where to stay and sleep together?


Source: http://titanpad.com/globalsquare6

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