Minutes 3 March 2013

globalsquare_mumblemeeting8th Global Square Meeting: Sunday, 3rd March
19:00 GMT, 20:00 CET, 21:00 IST
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0. introducing each other 
1. moderation, minutes,  turns 
2. logistic: updates and decisions 
3. crowdfunding 
4. Convergence assembly
5. Contact in the WSF 
6. Difusion and promotion of all our activities
7. Future of Global Squares
8. global call for may 
0. introducing each other, people who are in the meeting
V, Occupy london
S, 15M Amsterdam
P, Occupy Berlin
K, Occupy Des Moines, Iowa
M. 15M Madrid
D, 15M Barcellona
Chicago86, a group from Italy
J, Netherlands
O, Turkey & Netherlands
1. moderation, minutes,  turns 
moderation: V and C
minutes: M and all
turn: D
2. logistic: updates and decisions 
  •  will there be a place within the the campus  where we can camp?
  • are there options to stay indoors for people with  health problems?
  • do we have to bring tents or are they provided?
  • are  there showers in the university?
  • do we have to pay to camp/stay in  the dormitories? How much?
  • how do we register for them?
  • Assemblies  on Mon25th, Tue 26th  we need 2/3 megafone and translation
  • Assemblies  27th , 28th, 29th March. sound system and translation
  • Where  will be the open space where we could be together, with  internet    facilities, exhibition, art, meetings,….  could we have some   infrostructure to held exibition, some tables, chairs,…
  • will there be a kitchen place in the university?
V informing that we have no answer from Tunis at the moment on some of these issues
M saying that she is worried about the absence of people from Tunis in our meeting, Suggest that we write to them with all the proposal and ask for their presence in the next meeting, the 17th of March
C said that she is not so worried, as everyone is starting to be overwhelmed with the event coming pretty fast, but it’s sad that we don’t have any Tunisians today
P saying that the only worry he has is the translation
D informing that we have the assurance about translation. It looks like our activities are covered
V is carrying on finding information about accomodation
K could help with translation between English and Spanish
D saying that if we have the funding we could get the staff we need. Doesnt think we could find things we need from the organizers in Tunisia.
M proposed to write an invitation for Tunis for the meeting on the 17th of march
M and S volonteer for writing the invitation and send it to the list 
M volonteering to contact Hella 
3. Crowdfunding:
D: The above is the link to the project that we had prepared in goteo.org
We   want to crowdfund between 400 and 600 euros for megaphones renting,   buying a couple of simcards for livestreaming without dependence on the   internet connection of the WSF and for printing materials and other needs that are unforeseen.
We have been requested by the Goteo team to provide compensations for   individual donors so we need to reconsider do we want to give rewards  of  any kind to donors that are not rewards to the whole community.
This may delay again the crowdfunding process, which is already running very late.
we tryed with GOTEO. the money will be used to buy or rent what we need there in Tunis. We have a video
GOTEO have asked us to change some things, and add personal compensations to people that contribute. Change the process to a different platform? Or think about compensations that we could give?
So: it looks difficult to organize a proper funding campaign. We might have a bank account number we could use directly for it
Sa : Crowdsourcing would be the best option
M: We could offer not only staffs  or other kind of things as compensation, participation to the assemblies, through streaming, and participating to the WSF in the assemblies, postcards could be a reward etc…
V: should we carry on with GOTEO, sponsume or a bank account?
List rewards to recontact GOTEO:
  • videos in the web from Tunis (but thats a collective reward, no an individual one!)
  • channel for streaming to follow the assemblies (but thats a collective reward, no an individual one!)
  • Manual for facilitating horizontal processes in an international context
  • photos
  • reports from WSF in the web
  • reports in radios (some of us are corrispondent of some free radios)
  • Postcards
  • Some kind of souvenir of the Revolution in Tunisia
D will write an email back  to the goteo team, expressing that we do have  the intention of donating  the 20% they require just between our team.  Sponsume seems to be a  good idea but Sol adds that using both can make  likely that the sponsume site gets a percentage of the amount if we  don’t get enough  from it.
Consensuated that Dani takes the issue to carry on with GOTEO project and at the same time he is asking through the list and people who would like to donate could answer directly to him 
4. Convergence assembly
C: Should we propose a Convergence assembly or join one as an “organisation” ? (instructions on how to propose one : http://www.fsm2013.org/en/add_assembly). Convergence Assemblies already registered : http://www.fsm2013.org/fr/assembly_list  Possible co-organisations : VIA22, Reelle Democratie Maintenant Paris, Uni-Alter, others?
P: our assemblies are very open and we could take part in other assemblies of convergency too  but we cannot decide it here. We are not a group. The people in the assemblies will decide
M: cheking the list, there isnt a real assembly of movements. Our last assembly will be our convergency assembly. Doesn’t agree in participating as coorganizer of one of the already proposed assemblies. We could participating at a personal level where we want
So: There are many convergence assemblies proposed. It does not make sense to Global Square as such to participate in one of the assemblies, each individual can do it. What we can do is to propose a Convergence Assembly for common action. Coordinated action at the international level. One of the characteristics of the new movements is that we act at the local level taking into account the interntional level. Organizing a convergence assembly for action with other groups might enforce our common efforts.
C : VIA22 is considering on proposing a Convergency Assembly around it’s process, proposing a monthly process for more sustainable convergence (on every 22nd) after the WSF.
M riminding that we have already 5 assemblies organized and it will be too much organizing a convergency meeting as well.  We could stick on the ones we have
C important to make an effort to propose to others the space that we are trying to create together, as the Forum has already acknowledged our presence (offering us privileges)
V thinks it will be good to organize a convergency assembly
O : it is good to have the space for convergence assembly anyway although what we are going to do there is different than the usual convergence assemblies in wsf. we might meet with new people or build good relationships to have a last assembly to stregthen tşes between ogranisations and grassroots towards a date of action or another meeting like this one
J agrees with marita and it will be very hard to organize such a convergency meeting and to give real plans for next campaigns (exceptfor example VIA22 which is a practical proposal. I’m also interested to see what groups/movements from Tunisia/Egypt want to propose. But I don’t have strong objections against organizing convergence  meeting.
So Once we are there I am sure we will find people and groups to discuss common action and it might be helpful to have a space ready to discuss that.
D maybe we could just decide at the last minute
C the convergency assembly has to be organized by 5 organizations. I could work on this in the next days. Are there objections?
O: it is difficult relationship and it can look problematic to get invovlved in a convergence assembly organised by ngos etc. as people from grassroots sqaure movements in a wsf format .. how does it work with the wsf if people meet on the ground and decide to have a convergence assembly and cancel the one they registered beforehand?
P this kind of convergency process is not the same as the convergency we want. We are not deciding about the assemblies and we are going to converge. We could see what happens when we are.
V: who are the other groups you are thinking about?
So: thinking again about this problem. Creating a convergence assembly requires the support of other organizations. Choosing which organizations might be difficult.  Perhaps an option is to join one of the already organized ones.
V: I am happy if we decide to do it as well as we dont do it
M: I desagree on organizing a convergency assembly with other organization. In the one posted there are lots of organizations, TUs, and Attak. Our process is an open space and the assemblies will be the spaces where we take decision. If we will need one more space on the 30th we will decide it there but not now. Before the movements assembly was outside the forum but now is different from Florence and now in Tunis. Also it will be important to listen to other political actors in the forum on the last day
J: leave it open and see what happen when we are there.  there are already many convergence meetings, but they all seem a bit predictable, so I don’t expect an interesting dynamic there. I support VIA22 joining this process, and go to all of them as individuals to bring our input etc.
So We could join other convergence assemblies as individual. Not as Global Space as such since its problematic.  To organize a convergence assembly we need the support of other  organizations and deciding which ones is also problematic. I wouldn’t go for it. Waiting to see what happens in Tunis.
D we could register fake organization. I think we dont need to register a convergency assembly
C: we want to keep the open process we created till now. As Via 22 we have contact with real democracy now in Paris,
Consensuated to wait till we are in the assemblies in Tunis to decide if we organize or not a convergency meeting 
5. Contact in the WSF with  civil society organizations and trade unions. Possibilities for working  together in specific issues. Exchange of ideas and experiences.
So: collaboration with already existing groups is important. The situation in Europe is dramatic and the collaboration with civil society organizations and trade unions in some point is necessary. At least in some specific areas. Just putting the ball rolling to have our minds open in Tunis and be ready to discuss this issues.
6. Difusion of the call for the assemblies (and promotion of all our activities)
M informing the general Assembly in SOL every sunday. People who are coming to Tunis from madrid are most from organization like Ecologistas en accion, Attak and the forum social. There will be an assembly organized by the forum in Madrid on the 26th at 7pm in teleconference with Tunis. in Madrid there is some interest in the streaming of the assemblies in order to follow the process. Agora Roma not coming but interested in the streaming too. So lets decide in which channel will be used before going and publish all the information. Legal and audiovisol will participate in Tunis and they are well trained in the issue of alternative and radical tools. In the 15M apart from politica internacional there are not other groups working on this process. Asks if is the same in other assemblies.
So . I will join the WSF. No people from the Indignados here will join.
V is publishing in the blog of Occupy London all the information, 4 people coming from London.
J sent an email last week, a personal summary
There is a facebook page
Consensuated that we could use the hashtag #globalsquare, Marita volonteer to make a proposal in the list for a twitter campaign. Will send a proposal to the list 
go to the next meeting
7. Future of Global Squares
D: There is the perception in many circles that the WSF needs to be transformed in something else and many people want that something else organized by new social movements. As we appear to this WSF like some kind of direct link with these new social movements we may end up with too much of a big responsibility. This is frightening for me.
J: summary: yes it seems other people are expecting a lot from the so-called new movements, but it remains to be seen how the process to ‘renew’ the WSF will develop. Personally I don’t see much radical change / new proposals to create this dynamic. So at this point I would never pay the prize to be part of the future of the WSF, meaning that ‘new movements’ have to institutionalize to be an equal partner in all this.
C proposes to have a meeting 2 weeks after Tunis and announce it before. Consensuated 
8. global call for may 
Dear comrades,
We   are writing from Spain to inform the International Network of  activists  that we are starting the process to put together a Global May  for  2013.
As you know, the revolution in Europe burst 2 years ago on May 15th in Spain (video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rrqcch6Ie0c)
A   group of activists have been meeting lately, in order to organize   actions starting on the 1st of May (MayDay) like demonstrations,   assemblies, workshops, conferences, flashmobs and open spaces in the   squares of our ciites.
We   think that it would be just great to take this opportunity to get   connected through these actions all over the planet and to work  together  building this Global May 2013.
We offer you the following form, we want to collect proposals of actions on May 2013 from your countries
We also attach a poster in English to start promoting this huge project.
Please   help us spreading the idea and let us know how we can together make a   real synergy between your local actions and plans with the rest of the   movement’s actions everywhere else.
If we manage once more to make a global event in May, this will help us reinfircing the global movement that we have.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Toma Madrid 15M
contact: tomamadrid15m@gmail.com
marita presents the call and say the process is complitly open to what the single assemblies are preparing in their own places
Dani: In Barcelona we’ve only started talking about may, During the first meeting, there were lots of tensions. Last year DRY and 15M had problems and he is very pessimistic about whats going on in barcelona with respect to the campaign for this May. There will be strong discussion about this.
Carminda informing about Montreal activiites
Next meeting 17 March 2013 
  • we will  talk about organizing a meeting as global square on global may

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