Minutes 30 November 2012

Shortly after the movement meetings of Agora99 in Madrid and Firenze10+10 in Florence we organized this first online meeting to brainstorm and carry on discussions and proposals on how to participate in the WSF 2013 in Tunis.

1st Mumble meeting about Occupy/Indignados and the World Social Forum

30 November 2012 at 19.00 pm GMT

Location: Mumble, Occupytalk.org, Open Space

Introduction: Occupy World Social Forum 2013 

WSF 2013 will take place in Tunisia, from the 26th to the 30th of March, in Tunis. Tunis 2013 will have an “extended” form to allow the broadest participation of people and organizations who feel part of the WSF process, wherever they are on the planet. See: http://www.fsm2013.org/

Tunis has become a symbolic place for the global movement, as the Arab Spring was born there. March would be a proper time to gather and exchange with all movements and networks florished in the North African regions, in the Arab World, in Europe and all over the world. This forum could serve as a meeting place for those involved in Occupy/15M/and all horizontal assembleary social movements.

We can practice our methodologies, as we did in the assembly we organized in Florence during  Firenze 10+10 (http://occupyfirenze99.wordpress.com), communicate and share our new knowledge and tool kits.

The idea behind this Mumble Meeting is the necessity to discuss and share ideas, experiences and opinions we’ve developed in the common spaces we have created such as transnational assemblies, Hub Meetings, Agora 99 as well as others like Firenze 10+10 and to reflect on the possibile approaches to be developed towards the WSF 2013:

Do we need to Occupy World Social Forum, in order to come together at the global level, for the first time since 15M or Tahrir moments? Can we create new synergies that would contribute our transnational and translocal struggles to build egalterian and geniune democracies globally?

People participating in the meeting: 

  • Mariangela, gdt politica internacional 15m, Madrid , Spain
  • Toni, colaborador 15m Holanda
  • Fin, Ireland
  • Sandra, Scotland
  • Rakmeister, Netherlands (argusoogradio.org, wolfspiritradio.com, freedomslips.com, occupyede)
  • Sol, active in 15M Netherlands and Occupy Amsterdam
  • Orsan, the Netherlands, Occupy Amsterdam
  • Carminda, Montreal-Quebec, I have participated to the Quebec Social Forums, Occupy, and VIA22
  • Jasper, the Netherlands
  • Barb, Occupier in Montana USA
  • Carimachet, Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Berlin
  • Camilla, Occupy Oslo, Norway
  • Pierre from France
  • Ternura, North Spain
  • UkAnon, UK
  • Predrag, Zagreb
  • Wyrdsis, Occupylsx Occupy London, occupii
  • Assemblea Sant Antoni (neighberhood assembly from Barcelona)


  • Minutes: mariangela with all
  • Turns: Ternura, Spain
  • Facilitating: Ternura, Spain


  1. Discussion about the use of the room
  2. Brainstorming about the focus of the meeting after reading the call
  3. Announcements and references

1) Discussion about the use of the room

The Original Global Round Table that met yesterday included participants from Ireland, England, Spain, Germany, Scotland, Wales, USA, Canada, Croatia … and more. Why is this meeting called the same – and why are the links for this meeting – directing to the Original Meeting?

This is confusing if not downright misleading for the participants of the Original Global Round Table that has met every Thursday for the last year.

Why? Thank you.

Resolved: there was a mistake in the invitation for this meeting. Orsan, Barb & possibly UKA to meet directly after meeting to construct an ‘event announcement’ for the Occupii.org page that informative more appropriately directed and clear in its message.)

Orsan apologised for the problem and we carried on the meeting in this room.

2. Brainstorming about the focus of the meeting after reading the call

M. proposes to focus on what we can do as people from Occupy, 15M in the world social forum in Tunisia

C. let’s connect also with other social movements who work with the same methodologies

J. the WSF has been called in Tunis. What could we do in Tunis?

M. adds that there are some proposal made from Daniel. They are a structure but the contents could be complitly changed and be complitly different

S. participated in Florence and this way of doing the assemblies has created an impact. The presence of people from this movements has created a difference. It will be important to be in Tunisia as well in order to practise a new way of doing things. It doesnt matter the name. What is important is the methodology. We dont represent anyone

O. very important to establish new connection, participated in Agora99 and in the Assembly 15m Occupy in Florence, 132 Mexico,… proposal of occupy camps in Tunis and connection with the inside forum

F. suggests that there is a problem of democracy because not all the people could go and participate in Tunis

J. Taking the critical points of F. agrees that this is a serious problem. D. has subscribed some proposals for activities within the WSF but besides that I would like to work on assemblies/events/activities outside of the official program. To solve the problem of exclusion I propose a solidarity fund and ‘extension’ and online interconnection with local occupy-related groups around the world who are unable to attend.

S. following the concerns about the WSF, I agree with the fact that only a small group of privileged people could go. Mainly representatives of NGO but also representatives of grass-root movements from Africa, South America and Asia. But also we have to barry in mind that the antiglobalization movements were born at the WSF and is a good space, an important space to meet with other networks and learn from each other. In any case, the decissions or proposals that taken by the WSF do not have any special legitimacy. Any international calls or proposals that may come from the WSF will be enforced by each assembly in autonomy. Each assembly is free to decide to enforce any call or proposal or not.

C. proposes to have a solidarity fund, ask NGOS to give money. It will be interesting to see the respons. Asia is going to Tunisia and we have a serious problem of communication with Asia. It will be a perfect opportunity to spread that.

O. streaming in the meetings. Agora99 is not an organization, it was an international space. In Spain the movement is very strong. There is no representation possible. the space of the WSF could be limited but it is a chance to use the space in a very good way. It might be the first time to meet people we dont have any other chance to meet.

M. saying that this problem of going is a problem but really this is a chance to meet people from all over the world. The fact that is important is the methodology and also where the meetings are held. To take the streets and held the assemblies in the streets will be very important

J. we are the critical people of this kind of meeting

S. I dont know how many people will be there. The people from occupy couldn represent anybody and they wont. I think that a basic point is that anyone willing to share experiences from Occupy or Indignados have to state that he or she does not represent anyone. The persons who go will share experiences and learn from others. As I said before any decission by the WSF assemblies will be inforced or not in our assemblies in a free way.   We are based locally and we think globally. WSF can be space to think globally with others and then apply locally what we consider.

C. making these assemblies horizontal and inclusive and in public squares without being closed in a building so we could connect with the residents of Tunis and also we could spread these ideas of direct democacy and horizontal organizing tf

C. let’s not go in circle and go to the problem of the contents on the assemblies to have real direct democracy

O. this time we have more time and we could reach out the people on the ground

M. proposes that at least one of the assembly could focus on what we have reached in different countries, selfmanaged alternatives

C. we dont know what works, I would like to be open to different things. It is a good idea to figure out what a different assembly should be.

S. we have to realize that not everyone has the same skills in internet. It was a problem to connect to Mumble. In Florence we found out that there were a lot of people who didnt know about the streaming. People in the WSF is interested in these tools.

T. is going to Tunisia and trying to connect a lot of SF with Mumble. Somebody has to go there. Now we are going to this and not horizontal people could see it.

O. we are having a similar discussion as we had before Florence. this is a way to occupy the forum, to practise our methodology. We have 4 months to reach more people. It’s a way of create energy

C. it will be important to combine online and phisical meetings. We can think and contact movemnts and activists in Tunis. There could be a lot of local people there and not only people who can efford to travel

UKA. I still dont see the value of this kind of meeting. We have to try everything. From my personal expierience. What is going to be the most effective event? I have expierience of local assembly. How wiseful is?

M. we have to learn from each other, it’s not important what we just do at a local level, but also what other people do in oter countries

J. it is important to talk about the tools we use and decide what list we are going to use

O. let’s talk about the tools we are going to use

C. lets have an agenda for the next meeting

M. proposes that we could use this pad to build up the next agenda

S. We should take into consideration the critics towards international meetings and that there are already some alternative tools available (such as streaming and Mumble). However to do such activities as an open assembly in a square in Tunisia we have to be there. I believe that the use of new technologies will be raised in the WSF, furthermore would be better to raise that point ourselves.

P. informing that police is using tear gas against a really organized by Occupy Lubiana

Solidarity has been expressed

M. informed about http://www.peoplesassemblies.org/2012/11/israeli-gazan-world-dialogue/ and the pad to plan Dec 10 meeting a http://titanpad.com/HXc4sesbHq

3. Announcements and references

1. EU Spring Summit in late March.

At the Firenze 10+10 Forum, one of the big achievements was the decision to call for a European Day of Action in connection with the EU Spring Summit in late March. Hopefully this can develop into a true turning point as there has been only few pan-European mobilisations against EU policies over the past couple of years. With the action day in March we will take an important step. To put the project on track, the Alter Summit Coordinating Committee (www.altersummit.eu) will take care of the first practicalities to have a meeting on the 15th of December in Brussels on the European Day of Action during the Spring Summit in March. More info: http://www.firenze1010.eu/index.php/springsummitaction

2. A list of international calls for mobilisations http://titanpad.com/internationalcallXactions 

  • 23-27 January 2013: Action Against Financialisation of life and commons (actions against banks)
  • 8 March 2013: European action affirming women emancipation against austerity and debt called by Florence 10+10
  • 21 March day against racism and xenophoby is on
  • 22 March World water day called by Flrence 10+10 and in the frame of Agora99 (workshop commons)
  • 22 March is also proposed as a possible day for European/global action by Blockupy Frankfurt and other groups. More info soon.
  • 26-30 March: World Social Forum in Tunis http://www.fsm2013.org/en
  • 22 April Earth day
  • 2nd-4th  May: The Central and Eastern European Social and Environmental Forum (“Revolts in the Periphery”) will take place in Vienna.
  • 15 May: 15M anniversary
  • 18 May: Global Demonstration announcing globals actions against the banks http://assembleasantantoni.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/1d_acta.doc
  • end May/early June: Blockupy in Frankfurt (Germany)
  • 7-9 June 2013 (proposal): Alter Summit in Athens (Greece) http://www.altersummit.eu/
  • 13-14 June: G8 Counter Summit in UK (tbc) https://network23.org/stopg8/
  • October Final actions against the banks http://assembleasantantoni.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/1d_acta.doc

3. A group calledInclusion in Forums Through Assembleary Processes’ has been registered. And 3 assemblies. The contents of the registered assemblies can be changed, but there was a deadline:

Assembly 1: http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/1227

The objective is to organize a first assembly, of approximately two hours, in the streets of Tunis, following the methods of the social movements, to allow people to take contact with each other, create sinergies and give a human side to the debates of the WSF. This activity would have a continuation with a second and a third part in three different days. Being the first one, it will follow a simple approach that was already worked on the Firenze10+10 Forum: We will divide in small groups to debate on a few question that we would propose. The questions would be the same for all groups, and they would be fairly general like: – “what future do you want to build?” – “how are we going to work to build it?” – “what experience should we learn from for that?” Compile the conclussions of each group.

Assembly 2: http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/1229

The objective is to organize a second assembly (of 3, the first proposal is in: http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/1227), of approximately two hours, in the streets of Tunis, following the methods of the social movements, to allow people to form groups to study particular topics that are transversal to the fights, create sinergies and provide valuable feedback to the WSF. This activity would be second of three in three different days. Being the second one, our intial proposal is to provide a few questions that can yield valuable conclussions and promote the creation of groups to study each question. The questions would be focused on some transversal topics, not within any particular thematic axis of the WSF. For instance, dividing in at least 5 groups with the following debates: group1: – “what can be improved in this WSF? – how can we improve the next WSF?” group2: – “how can my fight link with fights like yours? – who does what you do in my area? – what resources can we share?” group3: – “how can we mix the local and global levels of our fights? – how are we going to extend the process of WSF locally?” group4: – “do we want to support any proposal for where, when and how to have the next meeting / WSF / calendar date? shall we take a message/process like these assemblies to any other forum?” group5: – “what problems of organization do we have as movements? how do we deal with them?” Also, ask all the groups to provide topics for discussion for the third assembly. Compile the conclussions of each group.

Assembly 3: http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/1232

The objective is to organize a third assembly (of 3, the first proposal is in: http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/1227 and the second in: http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/1229), of approximately two hours, in the streets of Tunis, following the methods of the social movements, to allow for a space of debate on topics to be proposed by the participants of the previous events and for convergence of the conclussions of the previous experiences. This activity would be third of three in three different days. Being the third one, the methodology would be defined on a ongoing process during the other two events.

4. Updates from Agora 99 in Spain, 1-4 november 

http://titanpad.com/agora99evaluacion  Agora99

collecting from the mapping group

5. Updates from Firenze 10+10 meeting and OccupyFirenze99 assembly in Florence, Italy, 8-11 november


6. World Social Forum Palestine: 

28 nov-1 dec World social forum for Palestine in Porto Alegre, Brazil


7. WSF 2013 Tunisia  26-30 March 2013: World Social Forum in Tunis http://www.fsm2013.org/en

Pierre: WSF has an extended format : http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/456  This means that “local activities” can be announced anywhere in the world  and be in link with “activities in tunis”  – at the moment about 50% of 200 actvities announced are interested to be streamed /to stream themselves on internet  and around 10 local actvities are announced  – http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/497

You can see some views of a preparatory encounter in monastir in july: http://openfsm.net/projects/monastir-extension/monastirextension-programme-fr

Especially 15th evening 2011 movements encounter preparation commisisons are streamed: http://bambuser.com/channel/fsm2013

Charter of principles of the WSF:  http://www.wsfindia.org/?q=node/3

List of announced activities (not final) so far: http://www.fsm2013.org/en/actvities-list

List of participating organizations so far: http://www.fsm2013.org/en/annuaire_organisations

Objective of participation is 30000 people


Source: http://titanpad.com/agora99firezneWSF

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