Firenze10+10: Voices from Florence

Here is a series of videos with people participating to Firenze 10+10. About the importance of Firenze 10+10, understanding and confronting the crisis in Europe, and new social movement tactics. Made by TNI.

With thousands of participants, Firenze 10+10 brought together a broad range of social movements, social organizations, trade unions and activists from more than 25 European countries.

Everyone having their own reasons to participate, they also all share the urgency to build a pan-European response to the crisis; one that puts democracy above austerity.

Young activists at the Firenze 10+10 meeting explain what they consider the causes of the European crisis and the best ways to confront it.

At Firenze 10+10 we gave room to some of the “new voices” of Europe, young activists that not only question the current system but also some of the traditional forms of activism.

At Firenze 10+10 young activists gathered to forge a common response to the unprecedented crisis we are facing.

Inspired by the Arab Spring, the new Indignados and Occupy movements have developed a new set of tactics that question not only the current status quo but also traditional forms of activism.

Also see: Firenze10+10 and the changing character of power, by Hilary Wainwright

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