OccupyFirenze99: a self-managed assembly at Firenze10+10

197080_377090102375974_1999600741_n1During European movement meeting of Firenze10+10 participants of different Occupy groups and 15M assemblies organized a meeting in the streets of Florence. Here are some notes from the preparations and a video report.

Blog of the Occupy Firenze assembly: http://occupyfirenze99.wordpress.com/

The group focused on 3 main points:

1.  The Self managed Assembly in Florence

To have an assembly outside of Fortezza da Basso at 6 pm on Saturday, the 10th of November.
To use of all the traditions in methodology that characterize our movements, such as the use of gestures for communication, the promotion of respect, openness, horizontality.

Aim of the assembly is to show real experience of alternatives, self-management and economic alternatives, experiences and practices from movements, alternatives for everyday life, open a space for general discussion that could be working with division in smaller groups following an Open Space Methodology.
To have a non-confrontational profile towards the rest of the Forum
Focus on the consensus methodology in the decisions making process

It is announced that other groups are organizing self-managed events within the ESF for Friday, about the practice of direct democracy. We think this is a positive fact and we need to have it in mind to foster collaboration between the two processes.

2. Organization and communication

The assembly is going to be built in Florence with the people there interested in joining the expierience but also with people from other places following the expierience by streaming and participating via Mumble.

3. Message to the Forum from the meeting in Agora99

  • We need to open the process to a broader spectrum of participants, to individuals instead of organizations, not only to activists but to inhabitants of the place and other individuals, to non-professionals.
  • We need to finish with the vision of experts and leaders informing an audience of listeners, open the debate for participation of the people present in each workshop.
  • We need an horizontal decision process, to focus on problems and solutions and sharing this knowledge, to promote the reproductivity and viral expansion of actions, and to promote initiatives that don’t need good economic conditions to work finely (self-management, easy to copy and non-dependence on NGOs public funding).
  • We need to radicalize and strengthen both our positions against the current system (economic, political…) and the democratic character of our methodologies.

Videos from the Occupy Assembly on a square in Florence (10 nov 2012)

http://bambuser.com/v/3134068 (part 1)

http://bambuser.com/v/3134091 (part 2)

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